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Model# CR8030iE5; an alarm clock radio that offers iPod capabilities.

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How to replace the radio cable with something else so I hear music?

when I turn on FM or AM, I have to set the antenna CABLE to a specific angle, but then it falls down. how do I replace it with say... a shirt hanger?

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Hi @barneycalhoun,

For AM radio reception there's a ferrite antenna built into the radio. You may have to rotate the radio until reception improves or even move the radio to see if reception improves. Not convenient sometimes unfortunately.

The AM antenna is built to be directional. This means that it picks up signals from some directions a lot better than from others.

The AM antenna can be seen in the image in Step.5 of the guide linked below


Here's a link that shows how to build an FM antenna but to connect it to the radio, (as the existing FM antenna wire is fixed and not easily detachable externally), you would have to open the radio to check where the FM antenna is connected to and disconnect it and connect the new antenna to the same spot or cut the existing antenna lead short and connect the new antenna to it. Hopefully the joint won't introduce too great a signal loss.

Here's the ifixit Audiovox CR8030iE5 repair guide that may help to gain access to the antenna connection

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