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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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Can I put a MacBook Pro keyboard into a normal MacBook of the same age

i have two older macbooks from 2009 and one is a pro and the other is not. the pros keyboard has some keys that dont work and i have done a full teardown and i cant see any issues and so i am going to swap keyboards, would this work? thanks for any answers.

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So what is in a name? Apple sometimes holds onto hardware for a few series in the case the 2009 MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Apple intro’ed this design in the MacBook and then took it over to the MacBook Pro line with some minor updates. The big difference is the back lit keys in the Pro model. So you will loose that here.

The cost of the correct keyboard is not that high MacBook Pro Unibody (A1278) Keyboard I would just put in the proper part.

Imagen de MacBook Pro Unibody (A1278) Keyboard


MacBook Pro Unibody (A1278) Keyboard


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