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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Dropped iPod . It played again for 2minutes then quit. wont reboot

Apple logo showed faintly at first but now I get nothing at all.

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Have you tried to charge it? Does it constantly restart? Does it even charge?

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Thank You for your suggestions. I have not been able to try them yet as I am not at my home where the connection cord is sitting. Will be there tomorrow a d will give the wall plug in a try. Hopefully I will them be able to thank you for helping me fix it. If it turns out to be the mother board etc. is it easily installed or should I take it in for repair?

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Try connecting it to a wall charger to see if it forces it to turn on. If successful, it could be the battery. (Even if it starts up, it could still be the following...)

If no luck, then it could be the logic board or hard drive... or both.

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Don't know why rsharich's answer was voted down, he's absolutely right-if a wall charger (sometimes they have more authority then the usb cable) can't force it to start, then it's either the hard drive or the logic board or both (given the jarring nature it could be either, but one would assume logic board since if it's a bad hard drive usually you would get an error message.)

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