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La soldadura es un método para conectar dos piezas de metal entre sí mediante la fusión de otro metal de relleno entre ellas. Existen muchos tipos de soldadura, pero este artículo está diseñado para enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la soldadura eléctrica.

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removing LED from circuit

have any idea about easily removing LED from ciruit board, because its too risky to remove like IC leg prints...

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A picture would be nice. LEDs come in different sizes and mount in different manners. Are you trying to remove it from the board to use elsewhere or are you replacing it? Why is it to risky to remove like IC?

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anu mahe, check on here. It is a very good tutorial and should help you out. You might get a more specific answer, if you post an image on here, about the items you want to desolder. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You can also purchase a de-soldering pump.

This has a spring loaded action that you set by pressing the end down.... heat the solder you wish to remove until it turns back to a liquid state.

Once liquid, press the pump's release button and it sucks up all the excess solder. Job done!

The desoldering pumps are available from around £1 online!

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First, get yourself some desoldering braid. It is woven copper braid available at electronic supply stores or online. You just heat up the solder with your iron, then touch the braid to the molten solder and the braid will suck it up by capillary action.

Soldering is one of those skills that responds to practice. Get yourself an old circuit board and practice soldering and desoldering before you work for real. A half hour of practice will indicate the amount of heat to use with your iron/gun and make sure to solder to a clean connection. One of those magnifying lights you can mount to the table will really help see those small connections.

As to irons or guns, I have never had much luck with guns. (pistol grip with a trigger). I have too much trouble getting consistent heat, I do much better with a small iron (looks like a big pencil or pen). For most electronics, You will need a very small iron and fine (small diameter) solder. is a good tutorial, and will link to other info.

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Get yourself a good solder sucker like a solderpult brand , its amazing and you will never use anything else

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