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Guías de reparación y soporte para lavadoras de la marca Whirlpool de carga frontal y superior.

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Washing machine is off balance and will not use cold water

Whirlpool Estate Heavy Duty Super Capacity. Model number ETW4400WQ0

Just did a search on google and found this. I made a mistake and washed a rug that apparently was too heavy and threw my washing machine off balance.

Now I cannot get the cold water to come into the machine. The hot water will come in but shuts back off after a minute and the only way I can get it filled is to turn it around and start it up again.

Over and over until it fills. If there is a easy repair without calling for a serviceman I would be eternally grateful.

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We change posts like these into standalone questions, but we are having a massive spam attack right now. Hang tight.

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@guardian10, all done. Thank you.

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@polly88412 do you have a complete model number for this washer? Could be an issue with the water level switch as well as the intake valves. You have checked that you have hot and cold water going to the washer? One of the first things I would check, are the little screens in the water inlet valves. If you remove the water supply from the washer, take a look inside the part where the hoses connect to. There should be (unless you are like me and have thrown them out long time ago) some fine wire screens. Those act as filters and catch some of the "gunk" coming out of the water. Are they occluded? Yes-Remove. Restart. No-we'll move on.

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Hello, I will get the model number and information tomorrow. I SO appreciate that this question was able to asked. THANK YOU ifixit!!!

To clarify, I washed a rug which eventually got the machine off balance. When I went to do a new load, the cold water would no longer go in. I CAN get the hot water to fill and then run, but warm and cold settings no. Also even filling the hot water now, the machine will stop after a minute. I can go back and start it again and it will flow in , so I continually need to do that until it reaches the right level.

I will check the filters.

Thank you

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@polly88412 no worries. We'll be here ;-) I am certain it is nothing major. Probably knocked something loose or something just got misaligned. We'll figure it out. There are some incredibly smart and helpful people on here, they will surely get you to fix your machine.

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@polly88412 take a look at something like this video It'll give you an idea of what kind of work we are looking at. I am sure you can do this, and you will need only a few hand tools. The multimeter will be good to have. Again, if you are unfamiliar with any of this, it's ok. We can talk you through most of it.

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