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Información de reparación para refrigeradores fabricados por Whirlpool.

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ED5VHEXVB03 whirlpool fridge power is on but won’t stay cold

Model ED5VHEXVB03 Refrigerators power is on. Compressor on kicks on when I move temp gauges but only stays going for a few seconds

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Hi @bjurhs ,

Does the evaporator fan (inside the freezer compartment) also turn off when the compressor turns off after you have moved the temperature control thermostat to start the compressor?

If it does then check if the thermostat is OK. It has a simple make contact that operates to turn on the compressor and the evap fan and when the set lower temp is reached the contacts open to stop the compressor and fan. When the temperature rises to above the preset upper limit the contacts make again to start the compressor and fan.

If the thermostat is faulty search for WP2198202 to find suppliers that suit you best. Here's a link that may help as there's a video that shows how to replace the thermostat.

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I’m assuming the evaporator fan is behind panel in the freezer on top of cooling fins. Yes that’s running. I messed with thermostat connections and if I wiggle it around I can get it to start and stop.

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The fan does go on and off with the thermostat

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If the evap fan continues to run but not the compressor, check the start relay or the run capacitor

Although if the compressor starts OK but doesn't continue it may be more the capacitor than the relay

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