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La Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 es una cámara de lentes intercambiables sin espejo de nivel de entrada lanzada en mayo de 2015. La cámara tiene una resolución de 16MP y es capaz de capturar video 4K. Los números de modelo son DMC-G7 en la mayor parte del mundo y DMC-G70 en Europa.

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Screen not displaying anything

I've just bought a second-hand Lumix G7, and the screen is not displaying. The camera is otherwise functioning fine - I can view everything through the EVF, but the display is completely black. I've tried the Fn5/LVF button, reset the camera settings, changed the eye sensor sensitivity, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! :)

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With the camera on try shining a flashlight at an angle close to the LCD screen and check if you can see any images at all, menus etc.

They will be very faint, so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them.

If you can see images then there's a backlight problem with the screen.

Either on the motherboard, the flex cable connection between the screen and the motherboard (loose?) or the screen itself.

Here's the service manual for the camera and also the ifixit Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 LCD Panel Replacement guide that may help.

Unfortunately neither has a detailed wiring diagram for the camera although the service manual has a wiring connection diagram - see p.66, but the backlight power is fed to the screen on the smaller 2 wire flex cable as seen in the image from a supplier of the LCD screen.

If it is determined that the screen is the problem, the screen cannot be repaired, it has to be replaced. Search online for Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 LCD screen to find suppliers that suit you best.

Was the camera described as "fully working" when you bought it or did you manage to try it out first before purchase? If yes and no, contact the seller about the problem and negotiate a new price

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All Lumix Digital Cameras have a built-in feature to conserve battery power. After a certain amount of inactivity, the LCD will power down to preserve the battery. Simply hit the SHTR button, and the LCD will turn ON.



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Not always the case. I was shooting video and my LED screen just went blank and displays a screen with the PVideo symbol, the auto ISO, white balance, AFS etc. There seems to be no way of bringing back the live view in the LED for the video I am shooting and the only way is shooting through the absolutely terrible viewfinder LED which cannot be seen unless you are indoors or in poor light conditions. Completely wrecked the video I was trying to take. Pressing shutter buttons makes no difference at all.

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