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This is the Intel variant of the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 it has a Intel (R) Core i5 1035G1 it also has Intel (R) UHD graphics or Iris Xe graphics on the 5i model.

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Why does my laptop not wake up from sleep?


I am unsure as to whether this is the right place to post this, if it isn't please let me know.

I couldn't find the right laptop on this website so I picked the closest one.

I received my new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 16" two weeks ago, formidable laptop so far, however I encounter one big issue daily, the laptop does not wake up from sleep or hibernate, no matter how many times i press the power button, any key on the keyboard or mouse. I am therefore forced to do a hard restart. You can probably guess that in the short and long run, this is clearly not an option. As a student too, this is highly impeading on my work.

Apparently this is a known issue within Windows 10/11?

The specs of the laptop are the following:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U


SSD: 512GB

OS: Windows 11

When purchasing this laptop, I rightly went along with the highest possible premium support. I contacted them today, the lady on the phone took control of the laptop, did a bunch of changes to the power plan, checked the battery report (I also have an issue where the battery drains to 0% when sleeping, happened twice so far), and checked for any BIOS updates.

However she did not do any changes to the PCI Express section in the power plan settings, I've found that people often fixed the same issue I encounter by changing those settings too?

Anyhow, the issue occured again this evening, and I was wondering if the users of ifixit had any fixes for this issue? I'll contact the support again tomorrow, hopefully they'll fix it but I somehow have little hope. I hope the last resort won't be them sending me a whole new laptop during exam season...

Have a great evening guys.

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Hi @math363

Check the fast startup setting in Control Panel > Power Options and if enabled, disable it and check if doing this resolves the problem.

Press the Win Key and x key (both together) and click on the Power Options link

When in the Settings Power and Sleep window click on additional power settings (right side of page)

When in the Power Options window, click on Choose what the Power buttons do, then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) then click on Save changes.

Close all open windows and restart the laptop in the normal manner and check if the PC comes out of sleep and hibernate correctly.

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I tried your advice, but to no avail,

I contacted Lenovo support again, we did a factory reset, I myself unchecked fast startup as you suggested.

However, when I close the computer screen, leave for 10 ish minutes and open it back up, I am unable to wake it back up.

- de


What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the product label on the bottom of the laptop?

Does it only happen when you close the lid or also if you leave the lid open and it goes to sleep that way after whatever time interval you set?

If only when you close the lid has this happened since the laptop was new?

- de


The model number is Ideapad Flex 5 16ALC7

So I've done some testing with it, and the computer does not wake up if I close the lid and it stays closed for more that 10 ish minutes.

Furthermore, when I MANUALLY put it to sleep, the computer just wakes up straight away, bringing up the login screen.

This has been happening ever since I got the laptop 2 weeks ago.

- de


Check the power management setting "Allow this device to wake the computer" is selected for the keyboard, the mouse and also the wireless network adapter (if using a wireless mouse with the laptop)

Go to Device Manager > Keyboards > right click the keyboard driver entry > Properties > Power management. If the box is not selected, select it and then click OK. Restart the laptop and check.

With the mouse go to Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices > right click HID compliant mouse > Properties > Power management.

If wireless mouse go to Device manager > Network Adapters > right click WLAN adapter entry > Properties > Power Management

To get to Device manager press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the link

- de


I first want to thank you for all your help, i really appreciate it.

I followed your instructions to the letter, I go as far as the properties part for both the keyboard and mouse, however there is no "power managment" option for either of them. This is beyond weird.

- de

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I had the same issue.

Opened Lenovo vantage, there was an update for the BIOS which fixed this issue.
Just note that after the flash of the BIOS you'll need to input your BitDefender phrase from your Microsoft account.

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Myself and Lenovo Support already checked for a BIOS update but none were available... :/

- de

I did the most recent update but the Problem still exists... Most easy way to work around for now seems to be enabling hibernation in power settings

- de

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Easiest way: open energy options, set hibernate in stead of standby, or always shutdown of course.

I bought exact the same hardware on ebay, and am now screwed, too. Ive sent it to them to repair once, after a fw update crashed it, they claimed to have replaced the mainboard, but it's still not working. I found out to disable the fingerprint reader and oriantation sensor (connected to AMDsensor device) drivers as they are not signed and seem to cause problems.

another clue i found on reapair videos of that model:

-later revisions of the mainbord have the ram installed more on the outside of the board, that means instead of near the inside to the CPU more on the edge of the casing.

Probalby the termal design is so bad, that the ram gets to hot, if fans are turned of in standby. One should really complain about this switching the fan of when in standby, i wrote on this on quora, but no one really knows, if that's a fault of microsoft or lenovo...

If you want do dive deeper, i'm writing here on this reddit:

Try disabling all network activity: (network stays connected anyway)

win -> CMD:

(Disable DC! = battery network use)

powercfg /setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_none F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 0

(Disable AC! network use)

powercfg /setacvalueindex scheme_current sub_none F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 0

i got a lenovo flex5 with a shity early revision motherboard, so you probably have to look for bad drivers (that are not certified by microsoft) dod this by:

open win->cmd -> eventvwr.exe and search for bad drivers yourself

right click win->hardwaremanager and disable faulty drivers, or update them, play around...

this is still $@$*!&, cause drivers are updated sometimes by windows or the like... or even sometimes my batterie drains, probably while win is trying to install updates while in standby (what a $@$*!& behaviour when on batterie!) but very seldom.

i assume microsoft wants all manufacturers to sign their drivers, so they can get control of what hardware is used.

probably this would be a good topic to try further stuff:

we should all cry. that there is no 100% solution or workaround (the nework thing is best) and that nobody seems to have a good tool/crack to disable all background activity

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Hey, sorry for replying so late. They replaced the mainboard as well for me, it fixed the problem kinda, but created others, albeit not as annoying. I just have my pc go to hibernate which takes longer to start up and stuff but oh well.

Concerning my drivers I check very regurarly but no updates or anything. I doubt there is a true solution, many people are having this issue, but my warranty expired and I cant be bothered to send it back and reinstall all my programs so I'll just live with it.

- de

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