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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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After upgrading my HD, my Mac stalls a lot

A while ago, I replaced the HD in my mac with a Hitachi 7200rpm 500MB disk. This was to replace the 250MB disk which had failed. The problem was diagnosed here Do I have to replace my logic board

Ever since, 2 things have happened. The life of the battery has shrunk quite dramatically, and the mac stalls quite often, with the coloured spinning wheel appearing from anything between 10 seconds to a minute or so. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, and sometimes it happens 10 times in the space of a few minutes. I thought perhaps it was Safari, but it happens in other apps as well. I would be greatful for any help. It's quite puzzling. All advice I have had so far is that it must be to do with apps. But it appears this is not so. In the above diagnosis (link), a faulty disk was also excluded. (I have reformatted the disk using "write zero option" and I have done the hardware test, which reported no problems.

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I would use Tech Tool Pro to optimize my hard drive. Barring that take a look at these suggestions and check your startup items to see what you may have running in the background:

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It has taken me until now to get a copy of Tech Tool Pro. I have run all the tests, and done the optimization. I have also followed the advice in the link that you sent me above. Unfortunately, the stalling is still going on. Thank you for your answer. Can you suggest anything else that I might be able to do, or what the problem may be?


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