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Lanzada junto con el AirPort Extreme base extention, esta variante de disco duro equipado ofrece 802.11ac de velocidad en una cápsula del tiempo NAS (almacenamiento conectado a la red).

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Access Time Capsule files from Linux

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Hi iFixers 👋

I've been looking into this for years and still can't find a solution: has anyone maybe finally managed to access TimeCapsule files from Linux?

I've been all over the internet many times and tried over AFP and SMB - it still shows some weird error and nothing happens 🤷

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I actually found this today:

Will give it a try and let you guys know if it works.

Not really the most effortless approach, but whatever works

- de

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Are you able to access it using a Mac system?

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Hi, sure, on anything other than Linux it works just fine.

- de


Just wondering if this would help depending on what type of file system is used by the files on the Time Capsule

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Hi 👋🏻 thanks for sharing, bit the system used is not yet APFS - it’s HFS+ and even that doesn’t really matter because I’m mounting it as a network resource and not directly as a physical device, that’s why my only options are AFP and SMB protocols

- de

@insympathy - SMB is a bit of a wacky of a protocol as it can sit on top of NETBIOS or over UDP as well as TCP! MicroSoft also altered its implementation as well as it’s Port assignment.

Here’s a useful backgrounder IBM - Red Hat SMC Protocol

I would setup an Ethereal sniffer to monitor the dialog so see what’s happing on the wire. Here’s a good writeup SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 1 and SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 2

It’s been years since I’ve worked on SMC, I just don’t remember what Apple did and clearly this is a dead product offering so they won’t be updating it.

- de

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