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Is my battery need to be replaced?

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I am considering replacing the battery in my iPhone 12 since it has begun to degrade a bit in terms of battery life but isn't too far gone (yet) so I'm not in a rush to get this done for the time being. Overall I used to get 1.5-2 days easily (I bought the phone used, so the battery was at ~98% since I had it); now it is down to ~24 hours after 3 years.

Based on the battery data, am I due for a trip to the store to get this done or can I hold out on this battery until the 15 comes out*?
*It's coming up due since this one is a few generations old at this point (currently 3, will become 4 generations old soon).

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If it's Still working for you you can wait when battery life gets below 83 percent they start having issues and yours looks it's at 89 percent so if you want to wait and you aren't having any issues I would wait until the new phone comes out and if it starts acting up then change the battery.

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I'm still buying the 15 but I will hold onto the old one as a burner if it's in good shape otherwise.

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