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Una lavadora de Maytag con una tasa baja de satisfacción del cliente y una tasa alta de fallas.

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Water fills up too high

Washer fills up machine with water, fills all the way up on wash and rinse cycles, I ran diagnostics and the sense light is flashing, from research I had found the actuator is bad, I replaced that and the loud clunk noise stopped, but still filling. I believe it is a control board or the item that sends signal to the control board?

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Hi @detucker,

What is the model number of the washer?

By "actuator" do you mean the water level pressure sensor?

Did you check that the water level pressure hose is securely connected at both ends, water level pressure sensor and the wash tub and also that it is clear and not blocked?

When the machine is filling, the water rising in the tub also rises in the hose and that increases the air pressure in the hose and therefore onto the sensor so that it gradually operates and when the selected water level is reached a signal is sent to the control board to shut the water inlet solenoid valve.

Update (02/05/2023)

Hi @detucker

What error code did you get when you ran the diagnostics?

Here's the tech sheet for the model.

On p.2 Activating the Service Diagnostic Test Modes, it shows how to enter the diagnostic test mode, p.3 Fault/Error Code Display Method shows how to interpret the status LEDs to work out the error code and p.6 shows what the error codes mean.

Only saying this because a flashing Sensing LED by itself with no other status LEDs equals an F0 E0 code which means no fault.

A water level pressure system fault is an F3 E1 code i.e. Sensing + Spin + Done status LEDs followed by Done LED only, then the code is repeated

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Model# mvwx655dw1, the actuator is a small motor on the bottom of tub. Used to change modes. I have followed the hose, the hose is in good shape no cracks or leaks. It connects to the tub and goes onto the control board. I am leaning towards a bad control board, but I would like to test it. I am not sure how to test the board or test to be sure it is building air pressure in the hose.

- de

Yes the information I had to start with was wrong. Going by the tech sheet- everything checks out good with no codes, but the water continues to fill when washing or rinsing. Water will fill like it should the machine starts washing and every minute or so the water comes back on and off throughout the whole cycle.

- de


You said that the pressure hose had no cracks or leaks, did you also check that it wasn't blocked?

Remove the end of the hose from the sensor and then check if you can blow air through to the tub OK.

If you also remove the hose end from the tub you can check the hose is OK by blocking one end and blowing into the other to feel if the air pressure is holding

- de

Yes I did blow into the hose from the board side & air went into the tub, also disconnected both sides of hose and blocked one end- and zero leaks. I have ordered a control board

- de

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Hi Dennis,

Definitely sounds like an issue with the water level sensor. On your machine, that sensor is a pressure transducer mounted on the control board rather than being a separate part as it is on most other washers. Unknown whether you can replace that part on the board; would probably involve soldering if you can find the part.

You could try running the water level sensor calibration procedure; the fix may be as simple as that. Here are instructions on how to do that.

Maytag Bravos Diagnostic Modes

Wouldn't that be awesome if that was all it was?

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