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Guías de reparación y soporte para la serie WF361BVBBEWR, incluida la A1. A 3.6 pies cúbicos. Lavadora de carga frontal de alta eficiencia de 8 pies de capacidad con calentador de agua interno.

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LG front load washer will only work on Speed Wash

My LG front load washer when trying to run a normal load will fill with water, start the wash cycle and when it’s time to drain the water, the panel flashes the error message FE. I have checked the lines and filters for any blockages, I have even ran a cycle with vinegar in hopes of clearing out any buildup. The only cycle that works is the “Speed Wash” but the problem with that is my clothes do not smell clean with just one wash and that’s not cost effective having to wash each load twice. Please help can’t afford to keep doing this or spend $100’s on a repair man.

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Hi @annabelle66,

Please confirm the model number of the washer, just in case it is different to what you have selected.

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I have an LG front load washer model #WM2501HVA

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Hi @annabelle66

An FE error code means that there's a problem with the water level in the machine.

Here's the service manual that may help as it describes how to run the diagnostics and test the water level "frequency" i.e. the level of the water in the tub - see p.19

Here is an explanation of what to do to check what the problem is regarding an FE code.

Here's the parts diagram for a section of the washer that show roughly where the water level pressure hose (aka black air hose as mentioned in the explanation) is located in the washer - see part #K550 lower right of diagram.

Even though it was mentioned that the water level pressure switch never fails here's the parts diagram showing the location of the switch in the Cabinet and Control panel and what it looks like - part #A410

If the switch is faulty (how to test is described in explanation) search online for 6601ER1006E to find suppliers that suit you best.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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