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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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I need a outer tub. I need all part numbers that will match

I need all part numbers that will work for replacement

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Hi @vstar1100,

What is the model number of the washer?

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Hi James,

I don't have the answer for you, but I've run into the same sort of situation where I needed a part and wanted to find the maximum amount of compatible part numbers to search for to increase the odds of finding one and give me the most options in terms of price and availability.

First step is to go to an appliance parts website that sells OEM factory parts for your specific model; make sure you're searching by model number. Locate the part number that you need, and any variants or superseded numbers that are also present.

For the next step you can use a general internet search, but I feel like I have better luck in most cases just searching on eBay. Put in the part number(s) you found so far into the eBay search, then go through the listings that come up. There will usually be more part numbers in the listings, so add them to your search as you find them.

Repeat until you feel you have a sufficient quantity of numbers, then you can use them all as the basis for a general internet (Google) search for what you need.

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Hi. I had a similar situation , I was also looking for a part. To find it you need to know the series of your washer. It should be on the table. If not, I hope you still have a kenmore 80 series washer manual where all this should have been written down. if not, I'm afraid you are out of luck

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