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Nintendo Switch Cartridge Reader Not Working After Fan Replacement

Hello there. On January 2nd, 2023, I used the official iFixIt guide for how to replace a Nintendo Switch's fan. After following each step exactly and finally replacing my fan, I did the steps in reverse in order to reassemble my Switch. Upon booting the Switch up, I found the new fan to be working. However, I discovered that the Switch's Game Card Reader, Touchscreen, and Headphone Jack all ceased working. (To clarify, the card reader does not recognize inserted cartridges at all. It does not give me an error.)

It turns out I am not alone in experiencing this exact problem. Searching through the comments of the guide, and more specifically Steps 18 and 19 of the guide, I discovered this was a common occurrence: Disconnecting the game cartridge reader board from the digitizer cable and the motherboard cause the board to stop working, whether partially or entirely is inconclusive. Analyzing other's discussion of the problem has me believe it is the disconnecting of the ZIF cable that causes it. This issue has been documented since 2019 on this site and yet there was no mention of the danger doing this step posed.

So far, here is what I have done in attempt to solve the problem:
1) I have reconnected the board to the cable and motherboard at least three times. None of these attempts succeeded.^
2) As Arthur Shi suggested in February 2021, I reconnected the board and then disconnected the battery for at least five seconds. According to Shi, the idea was to "power cycle the Switch." This did not work. I additionally disconnected the battery overnight to no success.
3) I reinstalled the original fan into the Switch. This did not work.

^Some commenters on these steps have noted that "the reverse is tricky," implying the re-connection of the board has some addition step that is not listed. As far as I am aware, the digitizer cable is seated properly within the connector. It it not loose and I cannot see any bent or disturbed pins. The cable does not appear to be bent in any way. So, what am I missing?

To anyone who has successfully done a Nintendo Switch repair that required the disconnecting of the Game Cartridge Reader Board, how did you do it? How did you have the card reader, headphone jack, and touchscreen operational after the repair? I simply do not understand. If I need to buy a new cart reader board to have my Switch working fully again, then does that not mean that any guide with the step requiring you to disconnect the board does further damage to the system? Again, I am not the first person asking: Dozens of prospective Switch repairers have encountered this issue over the years. Without a documented "proper" way to the disconnect the board or a solution as how to reconnect it "correctly," more people will keep coming here discussing this exact issue over and over again. So I ask once again, what are we missing here?

Again, if you've done this repair successfully, please, please comment as how you did it. @craiglloyd, if you are reading this, how did you proper reconnect the board in your repairs? Any advice, answers, or solutions are appreciated.

Edit #1: As requested, this is an album of photos of my Switch. Please take a look and see if I missing anything. I will happily provide more photos if requested.

Edit #2: As my Switch is modded, I used Hekate to attempt a Touchscreen re-calibration. Hekate gave back an error of "The touchscreen calibration failed!" I believe this confirms then that my Switch does not see the Cartridge Reader Board at all, despite the cable being securely locked into the connector.

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I did a charge port replacement for a friend and I didn’t have any issues after the repair, which I disconnected literally everything from the board for since the motherboard had to be removed so I could desolder the old charge port.

Making a mental note to have a closer look at the PCB and what connects where when I am in front of a computer rather than my iPad.

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To daniel (whose comment I believe was deleted with the answer that became spam): Yes, after I followed this site's guide on replacing the fan, the newly installed fan did work. In that regard, the guide does work. However, it is still worth noting that in the process of the repair, despite following all steps, it killed my Switch's game reader board, as it has done for many others.

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@thermosheater I had the same issue and can confirm it was the press down connector closer to the fan, not the ribbon cable. I put everything back together and had no touchscreen or card reader and started reading all of your comments, fearing the worst. After reading mgrandi's comments above I went back and checked that connector, it seemed seated but was wobbly. The card reader board has a little indent on it's edge, and the press down connector has a little tab. It looks like they should line up, but the press down connector needs to be a bit further toward the side with the card reader slot (away from the center of the switch). It seated more firmly this way and everything immediately worked again.

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you really just saved me so much time. Thank you. Fixed my switch in no time because of this.

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It's a bit odd that all three are not functional. I have done repairs which required complete removal of the motherboard and connected everything back together without event.

There's some more info at which provides a little extra insight, but not much more than you have already.

I would post some pictures of what this area looks like on your board. Both the actual game cartridge reader board (the pins on the connector to the main board included) and the board itself without the cartridge reader connected. Make sure there are no bent pins or tears in the cable.

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I wrote the midframe replacement guide when I had to do that replacement to fix my granddaughter's Switch. I used and followed the existing guides for as many components as there were guides for, then added the missing guides as I went.

Outside of not getting the card reader plugged in correctly the first time (I took the suggestion of removing the foam pad the second time), I did not run into any problems like you describe in my repair.

Hopefully Alisha can come up with some ideas from checking the schematics as to where there might be something in common for the issues you're seeing.

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@dadibrokeit I wish there were schematics available for Switch. But I haven't found any leaks like happen occasionally/often for other devices. Nintendo, like Apple, is notoriously tight lipped about that sort of thing

Probably this would be mostly me probing around with a multimeter. Sadly for science my partner is in the middle of a play through of Pokemon something or other and if I commandeered the Switch for several days I would get some glares at a minimum. So I'll have to settle for a good high res look at the PCB, which isn't giving me many ideas at the moment (largely because my brain is consumed by another issue).

But I'm letting this mull around in my brain regardless.

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Hello there @flannelist. Thank you for your swift reply. I will take a look at to see if I can gather any more information. Here is an album of photos of my Switch, as requested. If anyone sees something I do not, please let me know.

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I'm assuming the first thing you disconnected was the battery.

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@strongbow Hello there. Yes, in my initial disassembly of my Switch, I did disconnect the battery as that is Step 14 in the iFixIt guide. Additionally, as described above, I attempted disconnecting the battery for five seconds and reconnecting it. However, this did not cause the cartridge reader board to function again.

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I also followed this guide just today and my touch screen and game cartridge reader isn't working, I'm really worried I damaged something even though it looks fine and is seated fine, did you ever figure out what went wrong or what to try? :(

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As of writing this, 1/10/2022, I unfortunately have not. I have yet to be given an answer by someone on this forum. Personally, if no one has an answer in a week's time, I will be buying a new Cartridge Reader Board and see if replacing the original with a new one will return functionality. If it does, I will let you and this post know.

I am deeply sorry you have experienced the same problem I have. Your experience has become yet another example of why these guides are not safe for our Switches. I will continue to argue that people should not follow the step of removing their Cartridge Reader Boards until either a) we find out why they stop working after re-installation or b) the iFixIt community removes or amends the step in every Switch repair guide.

- de

I actually got it to work! This weekend I'll reply with a picture showing what was wrong, the tldr is that it was the "Lego" connector not actually being plugged in on the game cart board , even though it feels like it was connected, it was actually line up wrong. I have pictures of what it looks like before and after that I'll upload

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@mgrandi Awesome, Mark! Hopefully this will help others who are having the same problem.

One of the great things about iFixit is that anyone can edit any guide (some review may be required). If you're so inclined, you could add a note or a caveat on the step regarding plugging in the game cartridge board to the effect that if the board doesn't work to recheck the connection, and how it can be lined up wrong.

Note that if you edit the Nintendo Switch Headphone Jack and Game Card Reader Replacement guide, that edit will automatically be included in all other guides that use the reader guide as a prerequisite, so you only have to make the change once rather than everywhere it appears.

- de

@mgrandi Oh, this is an incredible discovery! I look forward to seeing the before and after pictures. If it works when I try, then I will gleefully mark this as the answer.

Just to be clear, when you refer to the "Lego" connector, are you referring to the cable that connects to the motherboard? The one listed in Step 20 of the Switch Fan Replacement guide?

- de

@Mark Gentile This did it. Holy moly. Thank you so much.

- de

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I recently had a positive experience with my Nintendo Switch after replacing the fan, but I encountered a small issue with the cartridge reader. Unfortunately, it stopped working properly. However, I came across a helpful resource at that provided me with valuable insights and troubleshooting tips. Their guidance proved to be incredibly useful in resolving the problem, allowing me to enjoy my Nintendo Switch once again. If you're facing a similar issue with your Switch's cartridge reader, I recommend checking out the website. It offers a wealth of information and solutions that might just help you get your console back up and running smoothly.

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