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Anunciado el 13 de octubre de 2020, el iPhone 12 mini es una versión más pequeña del iPhone 12 de Apple. Cuenta con una pantalla OLED de 5,4 pulgadas, un procesador A14 Bionic y dos cámaras traseras.

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Will face ID still work after screen swap

Will FaceID still work on the iPhone 12 mini after a screen replacement?

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Hello Jonathan,

Yes, Face.ID will still work on iPhone 12 mini after screen replacement. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

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It works even if it is a non-original display that has not been reprogrammed ?

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yes, screen programming is not required. Moreover, in models 11pro and above, the option of cloning the screen software is no longer available, due to the program being encoded in SIP. The screen can only be programmed through the Apple service system or by transferring the SIPs from the donor screen to a new screen. It is not difficult but requires experience, special tools and precision. Otherwise, a message will appear about the impossibility of confirming the originality of the new part, similarly to the battery (example:

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Hi Jonathan,

The screen itself isn't part of the Face ID system, but the earpiece speaker assembly mounted on it is, so if you follow the instructions in the guide and transfer the earpiece speaker assembly over to the new screen, then your Face ID should work fine.

iPhone 12 mini Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

The other main consideration in swapping screens is that you will need to copy the screen data over from the old screen to the new one in order to keep the True Tone function working. There are several programmers on the market that will do the trick such as the Qian Li iCopy device.

Finally, Apple has been making parts replacement harder by tying parts to the logic board using a proprietary encryption algorithm that can't be copied. The result is unless you use the Apple self repair program and buy the screen from them, you'll get a warning that pops up for the first week or so warning you that the screen might not be genuine - even if it is a genuine Apple screen. Outside of the Apple repair program, the only way to get rid of that warning is to desolder a chip from the old screen and move it to the new one. That's a repair that's beyond the capability of most of us home DIY-ers, as it requires somewhat specialized equipment and expertise. The obvious choice for most of us is to ignore the warning for the time it pops up, and after that it will only show up in the settings.

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Go careful when removing the speaker ribbon from the old screen as it is held in with adhesive. If you can't copy the screen data across and you don't mind not having true tone then don't worry about the none genuine screen message as it stops after a while. Good luck.

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In the process of removing the speaker and then the flex broke, can I replace the flex and will the Face ID still be working

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@muhammedab93487 No sorry, unless you know a good place that does micro soldering to swap everything over it won’t work again. If you have a apple store local they could replace the part and get it working again.

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@strongbow Actually, it's my understanding from @flannelist - who used to be an Apple tech - that Apple doesn't offer flex cable repair as an option. The only thing you can do is opt for a screen replacement, as their replacement screens come with the earpiece speaker assembly which gets paired to the phone during the process.

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Didn’t mean flex repair, meant flex replacement. Apple is a total scam when it comes to repairs.

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@strongbow We'd have to check with Alisha, but that's what I meant, they won't just go in and replace the flex cable at your request from what I understand. In order to get that cable replaced by Apple, you have to pay for a full screen replacement is my understanding. Alisha, do you have any input here?

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