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Model# J9G29R Released: 2019

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Kindle 10 damaged USB port and circuit board solder points

I have a Kindle 10 with a damaged USB port, and the PC board traces are damaged as well. I can catch a piece of the power connections, but the data connections (pins 2 and 3 I believe) are a mystery. Do the pins correspond to any of the TP's on the pc board? I tried a continuity test from the serial connections to the connector on a different generation unit, but it does not look like that's it. Thanks!!

Here's a closeup with the port removed.

Block Image

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post a close up photo of the damage

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Here's a closeup with the port removed.


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@deelio sorry but i can't see it, it just says image 2824470

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@deelio, comments don't support images, so I edited your question to include the picture.

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@deelio can you clean the area with ipa, its kind of messy. once you do you may see where the traces lead too

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Hi Charles,

First thing I'd do is to clean up the circuit board with some acetone or high concentration isopropyl alcohol so we can see the traces clearly. The physical mount points should be fine for securing a replacement connector to the board, but yeah, you'll definitely need some jumper wires to reconnect the signals.

Hopefully someone will have or know where to get schematics and/or board files for this circuit board; by tracing the signal back we can figure out where to place jumper wires to restore the original signal paths. Alternatively, it is frequently possible to scrape away the conformal coating over the original traces and solder a wire onto the exposed copper to restore the connection, but that assumes the trace is on the top or bottom of the board; if it's on an inside layer then that's not an option.

Here's a guide to editing your post to add pictures to it.

Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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