My pc keeps freezing randomly

Motherboard: asus prime b450m gaming/br

Processor: ryzen 5 3400g

Corsair 650w, 2x 8gb ram 3000mhz

My pc started freezing sometimes, the screen, mouse cursor, everything just freezes and the only option is to press the restart button, i tried almost everything.

In my city i am finding no one who can check if its a circuit problem in the motherboard or someone who have an am4 processor so i can test mine on another pc, i already tested everything.

So idk if its my motherboard or my processor, or a circuit problem

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Have you tried running in safe mode to check if the problem occurs or not?

Have you checked event viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that may have been logged at the time the problem occurred?

Have you run an sfc command?

Saying you've checked almost everything really doesn't help because if you've missed doing something no one will know what that may be because we don't know what you've tried

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Yes i tried. I tried so many things that i dont remember, the only thing i haven't tried is to test my processor in another motherboard and another processor in my motherboard, because idk if one of those two are with problems or is the eletric part of my motherboard. I had my pc formated, used another ram, updated bios, reinstalled drivers, nothing worked

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Did you test the PSU with the paperclip test to make sure all the voltages being supplied are correct?

Did you try safe mode, you didn't say?

Does it do this when in BIOS and letting it stay there for a while or even scrolling through the different menus in BIOS?

If it was the CPU you would think that it would show in BIOS as well. If it were the motherboard maybe not as it might be related to a particular hardware device.

You swapped the ram and it still happened I assume but this just checks the ram modules not the controller or the caches etc. Did you run a memory test (memtest86) to check that the ram is OK? The test also tests the CPU, L1 and L2 caches as well as the motherboard as far as memory is concerned

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Yes i tested the psu and with safe mode, in bios i think the screen never freezed, but sometimes i can use the pc for hours and nothing happens and sometimes it freezes after 5 minutes using it. I tried with another ssd, another hdd, and another ram (borrowed from a friend) and it keeps freezing

Memtest says everything is ok

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Any Critical, Error or Warning events being logged in Event Viewer at the time it freezes or even a lot of the same events being logged?

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