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Release Date: April, 2012. The black GT70 2OC-065US 17.3" Gaming Laptop Computer is a serious gaming laptop that will bring more game to your gaming.

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Laptop won’t turn on even w good power supply

Laptop won’t turn on w battery removed and power supply connected

I tested power adapter and it reads 19.5v so adapter is good.

laptop will turn on w battery. But it isn’t charging.

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Tips are given below-

Check power supply. One of the first things to check when your laptop is not turning on is the AC adapter (power cord).

Faulty screen.

Check for incompatible hardware.

Replace battery.

CMOS battery.

No bootable media error.

Windows crashes during startup.


Rachel Gomez

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Hi @jkrawcz1

If there's no indication by the laptop that it is charging when the charger is connected and you have proved that the charger is OK it may be a faulty DC-In jack (supplier example only).

What happens is that sometimes the centre pin of the jack breaks internally and opens the circuit for the +ve leg of the power supply from the charger to the motherboard.

If this is what has happened then the jack has to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

If you have determined that this is the problem then here's a video that shows how to replace the jack, that may help.

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