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La carcasa de escritorio 4X4 utilizada en muchos ordenadores Packard Bell. Se puede identificar fácilmente por las 2 bahías de unidades de 5,25 "en la parte delantera.

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Back and front fans

Hello i wanna ask when i turn on my pc back and front fan spin fast and are noisy for like 5min and if i dont hit the case not hard ofc just a tap to kinda move it the noise dont stop

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Have you checked that the case fan vents are clean and clear of any obstructions?

What is the make and model number of the motherboard inside the case?

It may be that the thermal paste which is used to improve heat transfer away from the CPU has dried out and the fans are running on high speed just trying to keep it within its specified operating temperature.

Knowing the type of board will help to find guides on how to check and refresh the CPU thermal paste.

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