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Wi-Fi única variante de la quinta generación de iPad, lanzado en marzo de 2017. Disponible con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB con una pantalla Retina de 9,7 "y un procesador A9 de 64 bits.

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Home Button Assembly replaced, but button still doesn’t work?

So I replaced the entire home button assembly and yet the home button doesn’t function at all, won’t even exit out of the app the iPad is currently in. What’s next?

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Anthony Zara, You say the whole assembly was replaced, was the flex also replaced? It’s a pain, yes, but you’ll have to open it up again.

When problems like this arise, I start by opening it back up and do a close inspection of all connections. Even the tiniest of dust particle in the wrong place, can prevent a connection from being made.

Use some >99% isopropyl alcohol to really clean the connections. Rubbing alcohol and such aren’t good enough, as they contain many additives. When it’s dried off (only takes a minute, as IPA of that concentration evaporates quickly) reseat the connections (making sure to get a good connection) and test the iPad again. Test it before closing it back up.

If it still doesn’t work, take some good quality and up close pictures, then update your question. Adding images to existing questions.

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The clip where the home button inserts on the motherboard is split. Only half of it is there, I am assuming that has to be replaced /motherboard replaced.

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Anthony Zara, Could you try an take a good quality and up close picture of the part? I’m having some problems understanding what “clip” you’re referring to. If you’re saying the connector is half gone, it will require board level repair for a replacement.

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@Anthony Zara you'll need to replace the home button connector I'm afraid. If the flip over part is broken it won't apply pressure on the connector properly for the button to work.

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