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Una edición mini moderna de Nintendo Entertainment System, lanzada en noviembre de 2016. También conocida como Nintendo Classic Mini NES en algunos mercados.

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Zapper gun not hitting anything on screen

Hi guys,

I just installed my whole old "NES" set yesterday on a CRT screen i got free from some folks.
I wanted to play Duckhunt with my Zapper gun (which i used some years ago) and i couldn't hit any Duck on screen.
The Zapper gun clicks and the screen flashes, so my shots are registered (i guess).

I tried to clean the gun from the inside (lens and laser with a dry cotton stick), but that didn't do the trick.

Is there any other solution i can try besides cleaning?
Or do i need to buy a new Zapper/replacement laser?

Posted a few pictures for @oldturkey03

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @oldturkey03

Thanks for the reply and trying to help me out here.
Really appreciate it...

I've made a few pictures, not all are as sharp as it should be, but i think this will give a clear image of how the Zapper looks like on the inside.
Unfortunately i've never used a multimeter before, so i'm not sure what to do.
I know my neighbour has one, but what should i need to check out when it comes to that?

- de

I remember years ago there used to be some sort of calibration in the games.

- de

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Joeke let's assume for now that it is not your TV and that the CRT does exactly what it is supposed to do. In that case I would think it is the light sensor in the "Zapper" Post some really good pictures of all the internals with your QUESTION so we can see what you see. You want to check the switch with a multimeter and make sure that it works. Hopefully we can find something to help you out.

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Maybe too late, but for future reference.

Some people have foundout disconnected pins inside the second player connector inside the NES.

You could check if the controller on the second player connector works as expected.

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It's not too late... I couldn't get my head around it and i'm far from technical, so eventually i gave up.

I will try the second controller port with a NES controller!

Just to be sure...

Thanks a lot!

- de

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