My Chormebook is making a Buzzing Static-Like sound on the left, why?

I have a chormebook the same as the one in the picture not mine, I have a chormebook i use and i go to youtube to watch everynight because i have paralyisis and watching videos help get rid of it. So i watch and i go to sleep without knowing it. My i wake up and my chormebook uses automatic turn off right? Well it was going fine then i heard a noise while watch because my volume was low, so i turned down my volume to see what it was.And there was like a buzzing messed up static noise. It was quiet but sounded really bad. Its coming from the left side, So i put my ear close to the chormebook and i closed it slowly and when it turned off the buzzing static-noise was gone please tell me why my chormebook does this maybe the fan?

Update: I listened to my chormebook and i heard a messed up whirling sound could it be the fan?

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Hi @kingsleycats,

What is the model number of the laptop as shown on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop?

It could be a faulty fan (or maybe its bearing just needs a bit of lubrication) so knowing the model number will help to find the correct replacement part or how to open the laptop safely to gain access to the fan so that it can be checked etc.

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The model is: 9560D2W Also Thank you so much for the help!!

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Just verifying that it is the model number?

Looking for parts & info re the number you posted shows info for an Intel AC wireless card and not a laptop?

Usually Asus Chromebooks have a model number starting with a C as shown in the link

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