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Model Number XMTZC05HM, released in 2020.

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Has anyone opened one of these before?

I got a second hand Mi Body Composition Scale 2. It measures weight fine, but fails to measure the "extra" measurements (hydration, fat content and so on).

I saw a Fixit guide for version 1 of the same scale here, but the screws are not in the same place. I'm still trying to get a replacement from the place I got it from, but if that falls through I would like to open it and try to see if I can solve it. I can't see where the screws are though.

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Hi @renatolond

Here's a video that may help.

It seems that there are no screws with this model.

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Thanks, that helps a lot! I looked for videos but I had only found teardown ones for the first version :)

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