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Información y guías de reparación del iPhone 8 que salió a la venta el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo: A1863, A1905

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Wifi disabled.. software solution?

One month ago, I got my iPhone 8 wifi disabled, and cannot be enabled.. so i went to a workshop, they fix it by changing the wifi IC... then after two weeks it get disabled again so i returned, and they fix it by software (i think it is on computer). Today the same is happen, and they reenable it by software.

they politely refused to tell me how they did it.

They did not reset anything.

So how can i do it my self by software, because i have two iPhone 8 that my get wifi disabled again.

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Reputable repairers would use the iBox mini DFU tool. After replacing the Wi-Fi chip they would use this tool to unbind the MAC Address from the NAND this procedure is permanent and takes less than 5 minutes. It seems the repairer you used is using some software like checkra1n which would not be a permanent fix.

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Would absolutely believe this. I have never monkeyed around with jailbreaks, but I would wager you're right. Definitely not my preferred method of anything since it's quite easily undone.

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@flannelist I agree Alisha. I actually look forward to using the iBox mini and there not really that expensive. A lot of the bypasses you can do with that checkra1n software will only work until you restore or even restart your device.

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A few things to note here.

In cases where WiFi is disabled (or greyed out), it generally means there is some fault in the WiFi circuitry. However. Unlike many components in an iPhone which can just be replaced, or swapped around without any issue between devices, the WiFi chip is not one of them. Replacing this IC requires unbinding it from your phone since certain data is written into the NAND storage and needs to match the chip installed on the board. This may be the software fix they did, performed this unbinding and rebinding process, or there was some other process they used to over write this data.

I lack the experience necessary to tell you for sure what they did, and without them telling you, it may be difficult to know for sure. But I would wager that your other 2 iPhone 8s are not in tremendous danger of this same issue, and in order for the reprogramming to be necessary, they would have had to replace the WiFi IC first.

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