Rapid clicking from fans even when fully powered off

I recently fixed my video display issues by resoldering the GPU Vcore chip (U8900) as shown in the YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF7wsStj...). This repair worked to fix my video issues but I'm now having a new issue.

Now, both fans produce a faint rapid clicking/ticking noise when the matchbook is sleeping and even when fully powered off. Ticking is about 5-10 times a second. The fans are not actually spinning when making the noise. When I power up the MacBook, the fans spin as normal and the ticking stops. I have confirmed it is from the fans by disconnecting them and observing the ticking stops. The clicking occurs when running on battery (disconnected from the charger) and when running on the charger (battery disconnected) so it does not appear to be related to the power source. I have tried resetting the SMC with no luck. Aside from the noise, the computer is working fine.

Any thoughts what could cause this or troubleshooting suggestions?

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@IzrBeamer - Have you tried Resetting the NVRam?

Command + Option + P + R On Boot

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@beanman56 No luck with the NVRam reset, thanks for the suggestion

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@beanman56 I have not tried coconut battery. The battery status says ‘service recommended’ however the clicking noise occurs even if the battery is disconnected so it seem unlikely a new battery would help.

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@lzrBeamer - Have you tried disconnecting any thing you don't need for it to boot? (trackpad, Keyboard Backlight, airport, battery, hard drive, etc)

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