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La Surface Pro de sexta generación, lanzada en octubre de 2018. Disponible en platino y negro. Número de modelo: 1796.

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Battery seems to have crapped out. Need to retrieve data from hard dri

Hey everyone. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It has a 256 GB HDD hard drive. For some reason the battery died and I have not been able to back up the computer does anyone know how I can recover the data from the hard drive? It's hard drive is NOT removable.

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@nattychamps it’s my understanding that your Surface Pro 6 does not have a HDD. It uses a soldered 256 GB ssd. Since it is soldered the answer of removing it and to do a recovery of the files, would be no. Now it might be possible to desolder it and possibly rig it to an external case. Not for the faint hearted and definitely not plug-and-play

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Is this another case where you've got a device that's not capable of running on external power alone, even with a dead battery? I really hate it when they do that.

If the problem is just the battery, then it seems like the easiest way to get your data back is to replace the battery. Although to be honest after reading the battery replacement guide, it's a b*tch of a job.

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Doing regular backups doesn't seem to be in fashion anymore. There's even free storage online, if you don't want to buy an external drive. You can back up a maximum of 5 GB of files in OneDrive for free, or up to 1 TB with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Set to periodic auto backup and no worries about hardware failures, unless you're concerned about MS accessing your data that is.

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