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Primera generación de iPad de Apple con capacidades 3G. Número de modelo A1337. Disponible con 16, 32 o 64 GB de almacenamiento. Las reparaciones son sencillas y no requieren calor.

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3G not working (SIM detected, no signal)

Hi, I bought a used iPad but the previous owner said the 3G module isn't working. So I thought: I'll do a hardware reset and then it will work.

But no, after inserting a SIM-card, the iPad is searching for the 3G network but with no result. So it's no hardware problem (I think).

What could be the problem and how can it be solved?

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My experience with iPads is not all that... however in my opinion it could be:

The aerial has come undone, it is just like wireless aerials in laptops etc so would be an easy fix once you get the screen off.

It could be the 3G module itself, this is a separate part which attaches to the logic board and where the aerials both attach.

If you're going to disassemble, follow the guide on here:

iPad 3G Communications Board Replacement

the easiest way to open it is as shown on the above link, start on the side where the volume control and sound toggle switch is as this should reduce the amount of clips that get broken :)

hope you get it fixed!

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hi there,

I notice you said you have done a hardware reset, I'm assuming you mean when you hold the sleep button & home button so it reboots.

If not try this now. then try connecting to a wifi network. I would speculate that the time on the i device would be incorrect. I think you will find this to fix your problem.




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