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The MSI GL65 9SD is a budget gaming laptop made by MSI computers released in 2019. Repair guides and further information can be found here.

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What is this? Should I solder back?

Hi, I crashed on motorbike, with my laptop in bag. Laptop is running well, without problems, but something rattle when I manipulated with it. So I looked inside and this component (at picture in red circle) broke off. But what I said, laptop is running and I don't feel any changes. Should I solder it back? For what is this component? Thanks

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The component is an electrolytic capacitor.

You can tell this because it is marked on one side (with a purple line) indicating the -ve side. (+ve side is shown on the board next to the component. Also its designation is PEC52 perhaps this means Power Electrolytic Capacitor # 52

All components are necessary for correct and safe operation, If they weren't the maker wouldn't have them there.

Without a schematic it would be difficult to know its exact function but why take the risk and leave it off? It's easy to solder back on as the solder pads are on the top of the board.

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Thanks for answer. Ok, I understand, so I give it to my friend who can solder it back :)

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