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No image (only sound an vibration)

I few months ago, i have a battery problema. It stuffed and pull off the botton and the screen.

I manage to find the battery (AP00069) and sucessfuly change it. The watch recharge properly and when I turned it on, I can hear the sounds of messages coming, and vibration when it does, but no image whatsoever. I tried to disassemble it again, and check more carefully the flat cable connector between the screen and the motherboard. I did this 5 times, and everytime is the same.. no image, only sound and vibration. I dont know if thereis something Ive missing, a ground point, or if can be the battery theres no enough energy to suply everything (I dont even know if this could happen). But the question is, theres some test or check I can do before try to boy a new screen (if I can find one of course).

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Hi @ducapedia

Don't know about your particular model but with a lot of smartwatches the display is an LCD display which means that it has a backlight.

With the watch turned on, try shining a torch (flashlight) at an angle close to the screen and check for any images on the screen. They will be very faint if they are there so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them.

If there are images to be seen, then it is a backlight problem. Either a problem in the screen or a problem with the backlight power circuit on the systemboard.

Without a schematic of the systemboard (I can't find one) it is hard to know but some may have an onboard smd type (surface mount device) fuse in the backlight power supply circuit which may have blown or perhaps it could just be an IC that is turned on to supply the power to the backlights.

If there are no images to be seen, then it could be that the swollen battery caused more damage (electrical?) than what is seen, either in the screen or on the systemboard or both.

Hopefully you had the new battery disconnected before you removed/replaced the display cable as it is always advisable to disconnect the battery before working in electronic devices and then reconnecting them last thing after you're finished so as to avoid causing any problems when working on them. The trouble with a lot of electronic devices these days is that there is always power on the board somewhere, even if it is turned off. The power button (or On button) is not a power isolating button. Its function is to send a signal to turn on or off. Think of the device as being in an extremely low power state and not disconnected from the power.

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Thanks for the hints. At this very moment I'm charging it again to tray the torch option.

For the "disconnect battery before disconect screen" as you all can see at the disassembly tutorial, its not possible to do it. The conector of the battery to the mainboard is below the conector of the LCD screen.

Theres is a metal pin with a spring thats I assume is a "ground" to the metal part of the botom of the watch (and peraphs when I open the botton theres no power in the board (hope so).

Well.. while I was writen the text above, the watch charge a little and make the start up noise and vibration. I use a very bright torch, and I can see nothing.. And when I tried the touch to se if theres a vibration when I select something (in the dark).. nothing. Just sounds of messages arriving and vibration.

- de


Unfortunately the only way to know now is to replace the screen and hope that the problem was in the original screen.

- de

Yeah.. I think is not worth. This QMarshal Gen2 was launched in 2010 or before, and just buy this part (if I cound find the right model) with no garanties that it will work. I dont think so. Thanks for the help. Probably I will try to sell it for someone who need parts.

- de

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Sounds like you've damaged either the screen or the board or both. It might not be worth fixing as parts, if you can find them, will probably cost more than the watch is worth. I had the same one and it was awful, the battery wouldn't last a day.

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