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Problems with the colors on screen

LG 65" OLED 5 years old. What should be bright yellow items are showing up as lime green in the middle part of the screen. For instance football helmets/pants (U of Michigan/Green Bay/LA Rams) show as green, as does the goal posts, 1st down lines, and ESPN graphics. LG Support no help. TV repair says to "bring it in." If a panel problem, the repair may not be worth the cost. Anyone have an idea why this is happening, do I repair or simply address a new TV?

Update (09/22/2022)

LG OLED65C7P. Trying to determine whether it would be cost effective to "FixIt" or to just reach into the wallet for a replacement is becoming more difficult than I expected. Besides the "lime green for yellow" most notable color effect, there is a greenish tint to many images in the middle of the screen (i.e. faces, or a shot of frying egg yokes which are clearly green). Other colors are generally fine which questions whether I just bear the lime images. This problem shows up more clearly in sports. The 1st

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picture attached demonstrates the issue quite well, the 2nd & 3rd show a bright yellow LA Ram field symbol or the supposedly "yellow" goal posts in the back.

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@jfro123 color shift like that is most commonly caused by a failed T-Con board. Yes, the main board and the panel as well but not commonly. Since there are no schematics for your boards it’ll be difficult to troubleshoot. Check things like different HDMI cables snd try all the other video input sources as well. If those all show the same result, I would replace the T-con board first. Even a pre-owned one would be acceptable to me

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I have exactly the same problem - would be interested. In hearing what you’ve been quoted for a new t-con board and cost to replace.

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@jfro123 color issues are usually related to the T-con board. We would need to know your exact model to see which boards are present and in which configuration. It might also help if you post some pictures of what your screen displays. That way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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