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Released in 2014. 5.2 channels 130w per channel. Offers Apple AirPlay, MHL, HTC connect, DLNA certification and Bluetooth. 2 colours: Grey and Black

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Pioneer vsx-420 switching of when I turn the volume over 50

Hi, I have a VSX-420... the unit switches on... Even with one speaker connected to the front or center... As soon as I increase the volume it plays up to about 48,but then Amp switches of when I go beyond that. I did try the factory reset... Please help

Update (09/13/2022)

Good Day,

Thank You so much for the pointed answers to my request. I ended up taking it apart to get some decent photo's. I must say I could not find any swollen components or something out of the ordinary.

I removed the backplate to expose the big caps etc for pics, and then out everything back together.

So here the thing😉.... I had called my niece the previous night and told him I have a few items thats going to the bin, he came the next morning while I still had this unit open.. I put it back together and he took it with him.

  • Guess what video he sent me later in the day😳... Without doing anything... The Amp now just works... He cranked it up to 70...and it's still pushing.

Pity I can't upload the video clip.

Anyway, Thank You again... Guess he was meant to get a present from his Uncle😊😊

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Have you looked inside yet?

When looking inside I would keep an eye on any capacitors that look expanded or look dodgy as they would probably be the issue as a lot of the time they are responsible for powering these sorts of systems

If you are unsure or can’t find any issues upload some photos of the inside using this really nice guide!

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Also if you turn it back down does it start working again or does it have to be turned off fully?

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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That’s great that you got it working again!

It must have been such a surprise after finding out that it worked

Please let me know if you need any other help


- de

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