No listing for L'ange hair dryer

I had no choice in asking my question because the L'ange, an expensive hair dryer, was not listed. If anyone has had any experience repairing it please contact me. $90 hair dryer should last more than a year, the company in California doesn't answer the phone, and has not replied to their recommended communication, email.

Update (09/07/2022)

Jeff, I figured out how to open the dryer, mostly. the handle, which contains the heat elements and fan speed controls are covered in a clam shell, which can be opened by releasing two hidden screws, which i had a hunch about from the start. Can't open the handle totally so getting a meter on it is still not possible. I did get a temperature reading on the "broken" one and a new replacement. The replacement puts out about 155 degree at the hot setting. The broken on 125 degrees. Enough to feel but not enough to dry hair properly. So my thermal switch being clogged theory is wrong. Also, the "cool" setting blows as much heat as the "hot" setting. Still no way to at the whole device as the clam shells are pinched at the base of the handle and hard to release and get at the switch. I have had a hard time figuring out how to reply so I hope this works.

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Hi @mlb_fixit,

What is the model number of the hair dryer?

What is the problem with the hair dryer?

- de

Hi @mlb_fixit,

Seems like it wasn't meant to be repaired.

Probably no spare parts for it either, so hopefully it may be just a faulty connection.

Good luck trying to access the switch, elements etc

- de

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