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screen went grey, full sound

I have just had exactly the same problem, half way through watching something, screen went grey, full sound. Can not change the settings as I can see them.

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jo hare that could be a couple of things. First off, let us know what exact model number your TV is. After that, time for a reset.

  • Unplug the TV from power source. Also unplug all peripheral devices (Cable Box/VCR/DVD?Game console/Sat TV etc.)
  • Once everything is unplugged hold the power button down and keep it depressed for about a minute.
  • Now reconnect a single local input device ( VCR/DVD/Game console etc. but for now avoid cable or sat boxes) Use a different input connector when you do this.
  • Now reconnect your TV and turn it on as well as the input device. Make sure that you have the right input source on toy TV selected. selected.

Let us know if this changed anything. It is possible that this is an input error i.e. bad cable/sat box etc. Also, failed HDMI cables have become common. Change that as well and try all input sources (HDMi/Coax/Component etc.) Let us know what you get.

If there is no change with any of this, it is time to take your TV apart and check the boards. P{ost a couple of pictures of those with your QUESTION. That will allow us to see what you see. From what you describe this could be amin board, T-Con board or even panel issue.

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