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Why is my display going black after installing display driver?

I have recently bought a PC with Athlon 3000G processor, Gigabyte MB A320M H (AMD AM4 A320/REV.1.1), Crucial 8GB 2666 Mhz, BLUEFEATHER SSD 256 GB. I installed Windows 10 64 Bit Pro. I installed all drivers from MB. When i install GC driver, the screen goes black and nothing comes on. I restarted the system and the screen stays black after initial BIOS load. Please advice. I have tried 10 times till now.

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What GPU card is installed as you never mentioned it, you just said GC (game cube??) driver?

The CPU has integrated graphics so try using the onboard graphics and check if the display is OK. Either remove the GPU card or set the primary display setting in BIOS > Peripherals > Initial Display Output to IGD video. Connect the monitor to the motherboard video connector, not the GPU card.

Alternatively try starting in safe mode with networking and check if there is a display.

If there is then there's a driver problem as only generic Windows drivers are loaded in safe mode.

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I dont have a GPU Card. I am using the AMD APU Graphics. I have installed Windows 11 and still the same issue. I have given it to the service center as per their support advice. Let me update later on resolution.

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just confirming that you tried the latest Win 11 Athlon 3000G amd drivers?

Did it work in safe mode, you didn't say?

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Yes. Win 11 as well. It didnt work. Its going to be serviced/checked on Monday by Gigabyte Technician. I didnt try it in Safe Mode. Even if it works in SM, i still need to insall some Apu driver to get better resolution.

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Gigabyte Service guy tested with my MB and his components and the display is coming without any issue. No need to take the processor to AMD to check it out.

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MB doesnt have any issues. Additional GC is working perfectly. We have narrowed downt the issue to Processor. Have given to service center.

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