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Una lavadora de Maytag con una tasa baja de satisfacción del cliente y una tasa alta de fallas.

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Clean cycle starts at 1:04 (hour and four min).Only last seven minutes

Clean cycle will start with an hour and four minutes, after it fills its skips the wash and rinse dropping down to four minutes. Its not even long enough to dissolve the affresh puck.

I hear water go in and can feel the hot and cold coming from them. Then it’s just done. Anybody have any pointers?

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Hi @fenwood,

What is the model number of the machine?

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Hey @jayeff It’s model is mvwb450wq2

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Hi @fenwood

Try disconnecting the power from the machine for about 5 minutes and check if this resets it at all.

If still no good, here's the tech sheet for the washer.

Try running the diagnostics as described and check for any error codes.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Depending on the model you have, when the basket fills with water, it has to float. When it floats it engages with a hub assembly that connects to the drive shaft. The on-board computer has to sense the basket is free. If the basket isn't free, the system may think that cycle is complete, ie. when the water drains the basket falls back down. Watch the basket during the first 10 minutes of the cleaning cycle, you will see agitator at the bottom skip as it moves back and forth - it tries to sense the basket.

Remove the cap from the top of the agitator, clean it, if required. You may find the teeth hub assembly are either worn down, or covered in a grimy residue.

I cleaned it out with a kettle of hot water. Now the cycle works.

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