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Start button does not work

I own a Whirlpool Quiet Partner III dishwasher. All the buttons on the control panel are working, except for the start button. When I set the panel on diagnostic mode all buttons light up except for the start button. So obviously there are no other indications of trouble but the appliance doesn't start. I don't know if it's more likely a problem with the control panel (the start button itself) or with the control board (meaning, with the IC board).

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Hi @trompiloco,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

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Hi jayeff,

It is GU2275XTVY1

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Hi @trompiloco

Here's the tech sheet for the washer that may help.

On p.2 at the bottom of the page (in the middle next to the French language side of the page) it describes how to check the keypad operation. In the Keyswitch resistance check table it shows the connection test points for the Start/Resume button i.e. P1-12 to P1-4. Note that there is a diode between the test points for each key function.

I've never opened this particular type of keypad assembly but if they're like some laptop keyboards then you may have to tread warily if it tests open circuit with the switch operated and you decide to open it up to check the switch (or the diode or the switch connection to the pcb) as you can create more problems than what you originally had. At least if the switch tests OK from the connector cable you know it's not the switch, the diode or the board.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The button lighting up and starting the machine are 2 different things.

That would be at least 3 wires.

It is not likely that there are 2 problems at the same time. Bad bulb and bad switch.

So, it is possible one of the 3 wires is a ground and the connection is bad.

Or a connector attaching the switch to the controller is loose.

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