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An entry-level, 10-inch, productivity-oriented tablet from Microsoft. First released August 2, 2018. Surface Go shares many features with the larger and more powerful Surface Pro, but is more affordable.

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I broke my kickstand


I dropped my Surfac Go and the kickstandard broke. it started getting loser day by day until it deattached alongside some few parts that held it. Is this fixable? If so, where can I get it fixed?

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@jayyy12336 , this could be fixed, possibly by you if you have the patience for it. You can pick up a replacement stand with necessary hinges and parts on eBay.

Maybe visit a local repair shop if you don't want to do the fix yourself. We have guides and parts for the Surface Pros, so the availability of Surface parts around the web makes me think that it can be done.

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What is screw size of kickstand

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