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Información de reparación del controlador de Nintendo 64, número de modelo NUS-005. Este controlador se lanzó en 1996 para usarse con la consola de juegos Nintendo 64.

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The expansion port on the back of the n64 controller

I have been trying to play Pokémon stadium for the n64 but all four of my controllers don’t read that there is a transfer pak and game boy game in the controller, two of the controllers are third party so that’s why they aren’t working with the transfer pak but I was wondering how to repair the oem expansion ports, I have tried three different transfer paks and multiple controllers to no avail, the Pokémon game I have been trying is authentic too, thanks

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so i find it hard to believe that ALL 4 of them are bad. there might be something up with the console?

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@logixal yeah, I kept on trying them and I finally got one to work so I guess I was just unlucky with my controller buys

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Wow interesting. Maybe try cleaning the cartridges?

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I'm having the same problem and noticed that one of the pins is broken on the controller expansion port. Trying to find a replacement piece to solder in, I don't want to buy a new controller. Unless anyone has a suggestion on how to solder it without replacing the whole thing. I'm not sure I know how to solder a new pin in there, it's that's even possible, those pins are small.

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I found this. Anyone think it will do the trick?

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clean and make sure the pins on the board solid and connected

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