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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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The RB button has broken

The RB button requires to be fixed. i do not know the issue (externally, looks okay). i have not opened the device. it does not give the "tcht' sound which LB gives when pressed.
I also did a diagnosis with the support from steam. (Ref. image)

Block Image

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Most likely to fail component is actually the small, thin and uniquely shaped flange that activate the right and left bumpers. They are slightly paddle shaped and extend out from the oddly shaped bracket they are a part of on a narrow neck that appears extremely fragile. Their known longevity is a testament to the design of the whole controller as they seem to last far beyond what one would assume. When they DO break however, the bumper is totally useless and since they are only a piece sticking out of a larger whole (and Valve no longer makes these controllers or parts) to replace it is an exercise in determination. Crafting a replacement is far more likely an option and this has its own issues.. There is a youtube video where a guy uses a tape measure for its type of metal material as the source for the creation of a replacement... I recommend it if this is what you are dealing with.

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Hi @kenriekeze67784,

I've reported the problem to the ifixit admin - maybe there's a problem with the iRobot spam filter.

I've also restored your lost reputation points (-100 pts for every iRobot deleted comment/answer/question) and have deleted the duplicate answers and switched your comment to an answer.

Bear with, sometimes the iRobot gets it wrong but it will learn from this so that it won't happen again.

Keep providing good answers and don't be put off by this hopefully rare event.



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