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I can hear the motor humming but the blades won't spin, the lights wor

When I turn it on I can hear the motor humming but the blades won't spin, the lights work fine. The fan is only a little over a year old?

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Hi @sabelle,

Is it possible for you to take it down from the ceiling and then upload a few pictures? If you could get some detailed pictures of the motor, it would help. Adding images to existing questions.

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Sounds like maybe the start capacitor has gone bad. The motor will jump but if the lil black start capacitor is bad the motor won't start and run but to test this you can turn the fan on and then try starting it by spinning it kind hard with your hand. If it starts and runs then you cap is bad!

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You can also check capacitance with a cap checking meter or a multimeter that will read mfd. But based of what you described, yeah... bad capacitor. Easy to replace though, and cheap online. Just make sure you get a replacement with the same value and number of wires. If moving the blade doesn't get it to go the cap could still be the issue! A weak cap will let the motor run if started by hand. But a completely dead one might not.

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