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Firmware is broken on Kawai ES8

I have a digital piano Kawai ES8. But it doesn't work. It doesn't turn on. When I press and hold the POWER button piano doesn’t turn on, but LCD display work. I gave the piano to the service center and they told me that firmware is broken. What would You advise me?

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Couldn't or wouldn't the service centre fix it?

You could always try updating the firmware and see if that works. Here's the latest firmware and here is how to install it.

Not sure if it will work or not but you can only try.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve already done as you offered. But it doesn’t work. The update process doesn’t start automatically after a few seconds.

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To me the problem would then be either corrupted firmware which would have to be reflashed on the motherboard in the piano (I couldn't find any complete firmware files only updates which is usually only a small part of the total firmware) or a faulty motherboard.

How old is the piano? According to this link there is a 3 year warranty on the piano. if it is not that old then maybe follow up on the warranty.

If the service centre couldn't fix it, were they an authorized Kawai repairer? If not try to find an authorized service centre as they may have access to the firmware and the service manual. Other than replacing the motherboard (I couldn't find one you may have better luck) I don't know.

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