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My Quiet Partner II has no lights

My Quiet Partner II M# DU1148XTPB1 has no lights and I've reset the breaker for the entire house just to be sure

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Check if the door switch (supplier example only) is electrically OK. Here's how to do this.

Be safety aware and ensure that the power is completely disconnected from the dishwasher before testing the switch.

If the switch is OK then check if the dishwasher fuse (supplier example only) is OK.

Be aware that if the fuse is blown then there's always a reason for this and it will have to be found as you may find that if you replace the fuse that it will blow again once the dishwasher has started.

If either part is faulty search online using the manufacturer's part number only (found in links) to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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