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Repair documentation for the 3rd generation 11" iPad Pro (model numbers A2377, A2459, A2301, and A2460).

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iPad Pro 11" 2021 Mic not working on FaceTime calls

So i replaced the Screen assembly on an iPad Pro 11" 2021 and the mic is not working for FaceTime calls, but it works for voice recorder. Would anyone know which mic is for FaceTime calls? TIA

Update (05/26/2022)

*UPDATE* 05/26/2022

Mic work on this Apps:

- Voice Memos

- Frontal Camera videos

- Rear Camera videos

- Siri con take voice commands

Mic doesn't work on this Apps:

- Face Time Audio

- Face Time Videocalls

- FaceBook Messenger video calls

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I have exactly the same problem on exactly the same iPad model. It worked well from June 2021 when purchased. As of around Nov 1, 2022, Mic does NOT work on FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. Mic is NOT muted. For Facetime people hear only "white" noise that is muted when I mute mic. I know Mic works as I used both Record Apps and verified both Rear and Front facing mics work with the Camera Video. The issue relates to Mic getting OUT of the iPad.

I have tried everything including connecting via my iPhone 12 Pro hotspot ... to eliminate a block with my WiFi. All works fine with the iPhone.. I have never dropped or abused the iPad. I don't believe there is a hardware problem as the above person as Josh Friesen suggested.

My best guess is an IOS update such as a late IOS15.#. No change when yesterday I took ISO 16.1.1


- de

I believe this problem began with iPadIOS 15.6.

Apple - time for you run a simple test with 16.1.1 that still exhibits voice not heard thru mic (only white noise that changes based on the relatively new feature (std, spatial, wide) for FaceTime and NG in ANY APP THAT COMMUNICATES OUT OF iPad.

I believe one of your IOS updates slipped thru your in-house and Beta QA network. This is NOT A H/W issue

Report YOUR result on an iPad Pro, probably any generation to the community. Mine is a 2021 11” Gen 3.

Kindly say a bit more about updates when releasing an update. Please state this issue was corrected when you’ve done so In a future, soon please IOS update.

Please restore my $850 purchase to full functionality as it was up to IOS 15.4.

- de

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I’d say that you probably damaged the front screen microphone flex cable when you removed the screen. There are 5 microphones on our model of iPad Pro. 3 microphones on the top of the iPad are very close together possibly resulting in inconclusive test results.

I believe that the small mic hole at the top of the screen is used for FaceTime and Facebook messenger calls.

I hope this helps, Josh

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Thanks for responding, that flex was swapped and microphone on facetime calls still won't work. I removed the top microphones, that flex that is on top of the iPad and still wont work. But voice recording is working,

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Thanks for the extra information,

It could be one of apple’s sneaky ways to prohibit third party repair. They might be serializing the microphone? This is a strange issue and I honestly doubt that it was any mistake on your end.

- de

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