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Nissan presentó el Sentra de séptima generación en agosto de 2012. El nuevo Sentra está completamente rediseñado por dentro y por fuera.

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Power window slows and stops half way up, goes completely down.

Power window rolls down but only half way up on a 2018 Nissan Sentra driver's side... What do I do? What tools do I need? Blessings to the helper!

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Hi @ladylearning ,

To avoid a long answer as to what may be involved here's the service repair manual for a 2017 Nissan Sentra that may help. I realize that it is not the same year model but it should be similar

Scroll down to Body Exterior, Doors, Roof & Vehicle Security and click on Glass and Window System and then when the document opens scroll down to p.GW-14 to see the necessary pre-requisite steps and the procedure to remove the front door window and then the regulator. This will help you to see if the problem is the regulator or if the window glass is jamming in the guides etc. If it is for the rear door (you didn't specify) go to p.GW-20.

The tools required are shown on p.GW-4

There is a reference in the procedure to go to Int-19 to see how to remove the door finisher. This is found on p.19 in the section under Body Interior > Interior on the main contents page, linked above. You'll soon get the hang of how the sections are identified. ;-)

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I've had the same thing happen on my VW Beetle. I ended up diagnosing it as the window being misaligned in the track, causing it to start binding when it was going up. You may be able to verify that by putting your hand flat on the glass and pushing the glass toward the front or the back of the car as it rolls up. If that allows it to close, you'll need to remove the door panel to get to the window regulator mechanism. On the bug, the adjustment was done by moving the window in the clamps that hold the window to the regulator. I had to lower the window to about the 2/3rds open position to align the clamps with cutouts in the door frame, loosen the clamps and reseat the window, then tighten them and test. On other cars you may have to loosen the entire regulator mechanism and use that as the adjustment instead. You'll probably have to do that a few times before you find the right position that allows the window to travel freely through the whole range of motion. Hopefully the service manual pointed out by @jayeff will show you how to remove the door panel and tell you how to get to the regulator, and perhaps even document the adjustment procedure.

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