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La versión de nivel de entrada del portátil para juegos Inspiron 15 7000 de junio de 2017 carece del complemento de hardware de gama alta de sus hermanos más caros. La duración de la batería avergüenza a muchos otros portátiles, ya sean de juego o no.

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Dell Inspiron Gaming 7567 Random BSODs

Hello There, My Dell Gaming has been having random BSODs and most of them have nothing to do with each other. (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, Netwtw04, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION) I don't know why this is happening. Dell told me the ram had failed but I did replace it and nothing changed. All help would be appreciated!

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Is Windows and all drivers up to date? Corrupted drivers can cause strange responses.

Run DISM.exe or DISM Image Servicing Utility file to fix the system image. It is a little involved and takes a while to explain so check out the following or other sites to explain how to run it in detail:

There are a number of "switches" to use.

Run SFC /scannow or System File Checker (SFC) command tool to repair the current Winodws setup.

Open Start and Search for Command Prompt (CMD), right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option.

Type the following command to repair the installation and press Enter:

SFC /scannow

If you find errors run it again until no more errors are found.

The above will generally eliminate software errors. Let us know how it goes.

Run Check Disk

  1. Type cmd in the search box of Windows 10 and right-click the Command Prompt to choose Run as administrator.
  2. Type chkdsk /r command in the popup command window and hit Enter to continue.

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Just to add, depending on the frequency of the BSODs try running the laptop in safe mode with networking for a while and check if they occur.

If they don't then it points to a driver problem.

What are you doing on the laptop at the time of the BSODs? Is it always using the same program or similar programs like games etc or just web surfing, document writing etc.

Just trying to narrow down what is happening when this occurs.

Also check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at the time the problems occurs.

Check for any that have multiple listings in Event Viewer as they may help to know what's happening i.e. same Event ID and Source

To get to Event Viewer press the Win + x keys (both together) and click on the link.

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Hey thanks so much for responding, I have tried Chkdsk and SFC Scan many times, I have also tried DISM many times. I have already updated drivers, I even uninstalled most drivers and reinstalled them. In system event viewer I can’t get any info, it just says Windows restarted due to an error. Also Windows Store doesnt work, and Windows Start menu doesn’t work either

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Did you try safe mode?

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