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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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Screen issues P11 fixable?

Hey all,

A family member who owns a P11 suddenly has screen issues with her P11. Not bumped, dropped, water damage or any of that.

Block Image

Block Image

Anyone have an idea how to fix this or what the issue is? Screen still works fine, as in the touchscreen.


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I can't answer your question but my tablet has exactly the same problem. It was bought on Amazon, to whom I've returned it to but they are claiming that the issue is caused by "Customer Induced Damage". The tablet had not been used much, protected by both screen and case, no visible damage to the casing, not dropped.

How did you resolve your issue? Amazon are quoting £221.26 to repair, I bought it for £267.00. There's no explanation given as to why they think that I've damaged it, I'm awaiting a response from them.

Any help would be appreciated

- de

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Some things to try to resolve the problem. Hopefully there is a display to allow you to do either of the following.

If not it looks like a hardware problem. As a DIY repair all you can do is to temporarily replace the screen and check if it works or not to find out if it is the display or the systemboard

i). Wipe the cache partition and check the display

ii). Try starting the tablet in safe mode and check if there is a normal display. If there is then a downloaded app may be the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.

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i also have similar or same issue with my p11 display. did a factory reset and it did not resolve it. may be a loose lcd connector but that is kinda doubtful. sure hope it is not a bad connector on the motherboard side. would like to open it up and see and then try replacing lcd if needed. but the issue is havent found how to open it up. there is 1 video on yt but he skipped the removing the back cover which is what i need to know. it feels like it is on really tight and prying on it like you normally would as other tablets would hurt it, there usually is some give. i think he skipped showing it because he hurt the frame.

Update (05/11/2022)

Update: I found a yt vid of a similar tablet and followed it and it did provide the trick of opening it up. Trick is to remove the sd card/ sim tray and gently pry inside it and push the display away from the edge just enough to get a thin spudger in the gap to start the process of separating the display by popping the tabs that are keeping it in place, there are many of them like 1 every inch or so. Now I have to admit that I still have not done the repair yet because it might be the ribbon or it might be the lcd. Guess I will just get both. Another update coming after it's been done.

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sorry for the delay. yes it was an easier fix than most as there is no need to use heat. i did the repair a couple months ago. the only part you could say was an issue is that those tabs are a plastic frame that is not available anywhere that i can see. so you have to reuse it and removing it sort of causes it to become misshapen. then use B-7000 glue and/ or phone repair tape to get it to resume shape as close as possible on the new display and the tabs still snap back in to hold it on.

you can get replacement screen on ebay. this is the p11. i have a previous model the m10 with aluminum frame and it does not flex like this plastic p11 frame and nowhere can i find a yt vid or text description on what it takes to do. the 1 yt vid of a guy doing it skips the removal process and goes straight to the rest of the repair which seems really odd.

- de

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