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Pantalla de 14" con laptop empresarial Intel Core i5, lanzada en 2012. El número de modelo completo es R940-S9421.

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I have some issues after I installed caddy hard drive

Hello, I am having issues after installing caddy disk hard drive in my laptop because I accidentally broke my hard drive connector while opening.

Another issue is that usb keyboard is not working with laptop (laptop keyboard is damaged)

Now when i turn it on black screen appears saying

Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.81

Copyright (C) 1997-2011, Intel Corporation

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent. insert system disk in the drive. Press any key when ready. . . .

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Hi @zain1 ,

It may be that it can’t detect the HDD due to the broken connector and since there is no bootable CD or USB inserted it moves to the last option which may be boot from PXE which is boot from a network drive connected via the LAN (Ethernet) port, which most home users wouldn’t use

Get into BIOS and check the boot priority settings and make sure that the internal HDD has 1st priority. To get into BIOS press F2 on startup when the Toshiba logo is on the screen.

Disable or remove the PXE boot option in BIOS (save the changes when exiting BIOS). After restarting, if it can’t detect the HDD there will be a message saying “insert system disk in the drive. Press any key when ready. . . . indicating that there is no operating system i.e. Windows, Linux etc found in the laptop.

You may have to get the connector fixed first before it will boot from the HDD. Is it the connector on the HDD or the motherboard? It should still boot from a bootable CD or USB but even if it does you still can’t access the HDD because it is not being detected.

Just verifying that you removed the battery before doing any other work inside the laptop?

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Yup I removed the battery before opening it

Actually it was the connector from mother board that was Broken by me accidentally.

So I placed caddy with hard disk in place of CD ROM

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Just trying to eliminate an electrical problem why the USB keyboard is not working when asking about the battery. Laptops aren't disconnected from any power when they're turned off. There are sections on the motherboard that still have power supplied from the battery. The Power On switch is not a power isolating switch. using tools and slipping or even touching components can damage them if there is power still connected to them

Plug a USB mouse or mobile phone into a USB port and check if the mouse's laser light turns on or if the phone shows that it is charging.

If not then there is a power supply problem on the USB ports.

Get into BIOS again and go to General > USB and enable USB Legacy support if disabled. This should allow you to use the USB keyboard even though there is no OS loaded but maybe not. I don't know Toshibas that well

If Windows is loaded when you get the HDD working OK then if the USB keyboard still didn't work, check in Device Manager > USB Controllers > USB Root Hub (all of them if more than 1)> Properties > Power Management > the setting that allows Windows to turn off the USB port to save power and make sure that it is "Unchecked"

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Yess i checked it. It was only the keyboard that was not working otherwise usb is working on it

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@jayeff bundle of thanks sir❣️

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I have a similar issue however my laptop isn't picking up the hdd in the bios

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