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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Whirlpool Wdt750sahz not cleaning

My whirlpool WDT750SAHZ dishwasher isn’t cleaning right. When I turn it on I hear, what I think is, the drain pump come a few times; then I hear water flow into the unit. After the water stops the dishwasher is completely silent. If I open the door, there is water in the tub, but nowhere else. The diverted arms are dry. The soap dispenser has opened and dropped the soap, but we use the pods and the pod is still intact.

I think that my circulation pump is bad, but I don’t have anything to back that up, and I’d like to be sure before I spend $250 for a replacement. Does this sound like the pump motor is bad? How can I check it? Or could it be something else? Suggestions?

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Hi @msshel0,

Place both the spray arms in a remembered position and then turn on the dishwasher.

After a short while open the door to stop the cycle and check if the arms have moved from the position that you left them in.

If they haven’t and also if you can’t hear if the circulation pump (part #9) is operating check if there is voltage being applied to the pump or not when there should be. Be safety aware as the pump operates at mains supply voltage.

It may be safer to check the pump motor windings for continuity with an Ohmmeter first. Disconnect the power from the dishwasher when using an Ohmmeter.

Also check behind the kick panel (toe panel?) of the dishwasher to see if the tech sheet is there in a plastic sleeve. This will show you how to run the diagnostic tests for the dishwasher which may be of further help. If there is no tech sheet there, I found the part number for the tech sheet - W10904612 - but unfortunately I can’t find a download for one online. You may have better luck.

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It’s working now. So I took the whole pump tub assembly out. I found part of the diverted motor housing on the ground. It was the connector retaining part of the divert motor housing. I think putting that back together fixed the dishwasher.

I did take the circulation pump apart. There was a hair inside the pump, I cleaned it out, but I don’t really think that did anything.

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