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Lanzado el 23 de junio de 1996, modelo NUS-001, consola de juegos de 64 bits

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Super Mario 64 blank screen

Bought a N64 a couple of weeks ago. Bought Mario Kart and Super Mario 64, kart works but Super Mario doesn't (just blank screen). Bought another game and still doesn't work. Bought a third Super Mario 64 and doesn't work. Either I'm very unlucky and all 3 Super Mario 64s are dud or its the console. Any ideas to confirm if console or game? All 3 Super Mario 64 games show a blank screen (no input) but Mario Kart works completley fine.

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I think I had the same problem and I just had to clean the game and system.

If that doesn’t work the game battery is dead.

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Tried cleaning the games and system and no luck. Must have been unlucky getting 3 dead games in a row.

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@xandersi If you think you don't have that games I would research you a little bit more maybe on YouTube or Google?

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I've tried and I can't finding anything that matches. I'm sure after 30 years if it was a known console error they'd be something about it, that's my thinking anyway. Just thought maybe someone on here would know.

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Thanks I should have said that nothing matches about only the console being at fault with one game type (thought maybe it was a weird glitch with Super Mario 64 and a faulty console). Turns out it was a faulty game again anyway. Thanks anyway.

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I had a similar problem. ordered super mario 64, went to play the game, it started just fine, went through the intro and as soon as I entered the castle, black screen. no matter what I did, cleaned out the console and the cartridge. everytime, same spot crashed. so I investigated. I opened up the game cartridge, and there was a game chip with a copyright 2023 printed on the chip. super mario 64 was released in 1995-96? I was furious. be on the lookout for bootleg 64 games.

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